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Duke Heffer
2017-11-04, 13:08
Great company, very prompt, affordable rates, and a nice cleanup job. Would recommend them to any one. Thanks, guys
Elaine and Phil
2014-05-01, 01:21
Quick, reliable, resonable and very curtious. Good clean up job also. Would use him again.
2014-04-03, 14:19
Shane and his crew were amazing. The tree removal service that they provided was affordable and the did a wonderful job. The Everyone was polite and … read more

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red mangrove

Growing along the edge of the shoreline where conditions are harshest, the red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) is easily distinguished from other species by tangled, reddish prop roots. These prop roots originate from the trunk with roots growing downward from the branches. Extending three feet (1 m) or more above the surface of the soil, prop roots increase stability of the tree as well as oxygen supply to underground roots.

Under optimal conditions, this mangrove tree can grow to heights of over 80 feet (25 m), however, in Florida, red mangroves typically average 20 feet (6 m) in height. Habitat range in Florida is limited by temperature. Red mangroves occur from Cedar Key in the Gulf of Mexico and Daytona Beach in the Atlantic, southward through the Florida Keys. The smooth-edged, elliptical leaves have shiny, dark green uppersides and pale green undersides and occur opposite from each other along the branches. Trunks and limbs are covered with gray bark, over a dark red wood from which the common name originates. Clusters of white to pale yellow flowers bloom during the spring and early summer months.

Reproductive adaptations enable seedlings to germinate while still attached to the parent tree. Seeds sprout into 6 inch (15 cm), pencil-shaped propagules. Seed germination while still attached to the tree gives this mangrove a higher chance of survival. When the seedling falls into the water, it may either take root alongside its parent or be carried by the tides and currents to other suitable habitat.








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